Christmas Gathering

The Christmas Gathering for 2016 is the Thanksgiving weekend. We will be celebrating Christmas and Papa's birhtday on Thursday.  We usually have a family get together for Christmas as we are so far apart and everyone has so many places to go. Every 5th year we have Christmas at Thanksgiving and celebrate Papas birthday at the same time. This year he will be 75.

To  all who are coming to Christmas in November. No Need to bring a white -pink elephant gift as we have plenty for everyone. If you already have something you want to bring that's fine , just no need to try to find anything.

Can't wait to see everyone.


Wish List

It's November!  I thought I had published the Wish List on the Web Site, and I apoligize for not having it up earlier.

For those who have not used the Wish List, I encorage you to do so. It's not just for Christmas! It can be used for birthdays, graduation, for any occassion where a gift would be nice.

Reigistration is easy. Once you registered you can view the wish list of anyone who has registerd and listed their wishlist.

I have used Mobadger Wish List for years, and yes its Mobile Friendly. There's no need to print out long shopping lists, just use your smartphone, login into the Mobader Wish List, and the list is availble.






On April 27th, 2002 the Leslie and Diana Williams site was launched. Over the years the site has changed and been updated to stay current with current internet standards.

 During the next two weeks, we will be updating our system again, to take advantage of the latest security features, to keep the website mobile friendly, and to allow display of videos and pictures that are of interest to the family. 

Keep checking back to see the latest changes, and thank you for your patience.